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Bear activity closes Huachuca Canyon on fort

Bear activity closes Huachuca Canyon on fort

Huachuca Canyon, a popular location for hikers, runners and cyclists on Fort Huachcua, has been closed until further notice due to increased bear activity.

On Thursday, a bear followed and charged hikers in the canyon and later approached cyclists.  That same day, a mountain lion was spotted in the canyon.

This wildlife activity prompted the installation to close the canyon indefinitely on Friday...

Environmental personnel on post are monitoring the area and will reopen the canyon when they have determined that the aggressive bear has moved on.

The gate leading up into the Huachuca Canyon has been closed, preventing vehicle access, although hikers, cyclists and runners are also prohibited from entering the canyon...

SAHC 2015 Spring Picnic and Celebration of Life for Alice Olson

SAHC 2015 Spring Picnic and Celebration of Life for Alice Olson.

This year's SAHC Spring Picnic will be special, so everyone please attend. 

First, the food that could be appropriately stored, such as the hamburgers, and not used due to the rain-out of the Winter Picnic will be offered. Secondly, awards normally given at the winter picnic will be given at the Spring Picnic.

Most importantly, we will take some time to Celebrate the Life of Alice Olson. An appropriate period of time will be set aside at the Spring Picnic for those SAHC members who desire to say a few words in fond remembrance of Alice Olson. Alice, along with her husband Jack, (Members 6A and 6B), led well over 2,000 hikes for the club over the years. Alice's exciting hikes and her warm friendship will be sorely missed by all who knew her. All club members who desire to say a few words in her memory please let President Sam McClung know in advance so sufficient time can be allocated. 

Sam McClung and Bob Cardell

Tony Vickers - SAHC Member

Rita Vickers, Tony Vickers wife, wants to express their appreciation for all the cards sent to Tony.  Tony suffered a hemorrhagic  stroke earlier this month (an internal bleed in the left side of his brain).  Tony is experiencing difficulty with reading-he reads the words but has difficulty with the meaning.  He seems to have no physical difficulty other than no peripheral vision in his right eye.  He is in therapy for the language deficit.  Plans are that he will be released from the hospital on the 21st with continued out patient therapy.

Keep the cards and thoughts going their way.

Alice Olson

"Alice Olson was in ICU for two days at Oro Valley Hospital and was removed from all life support this morning. She had a stroke about two days ago. Our dear Alice passed away at 11:15 this morning. 
Jack is really down and he is very tired. He has quit answering his phone for a few days and has requested that no one call him. He wants a few days of privacy. 
It is OK if you folks pass the word along. I will give an all clear when he is able to accept future calls. Thank you all. Please say a word of prayer for our Miss Alice. She will certainly be missed."
As you know, both Alice and Jack have led hundreds of hikes. Their leadership in SAHC is valued and cherished. Alice will be missed.

SAHC February Program Change

The speaker for February's program will be Sam McClung, SAHC President. The topic will be 'Not Your Usual SAHC Places.' The scheduled speaker had a last minute family emergency and is unable to present. Sam will show pictures and speak about three SAHC trips. The first will be a 1980 trip around Navaho Mountain led by guides Eber Glendening and Pete Cowgill. The second will be a 2008 trip to Keet Seel led by guides Lynn Ratener and Bill Simington. The last will be a 2011 trip through West Clear Creek led by the speaker and Mike Harris.