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Needles District Canyonlands National Park SAHC Coming Event

This event is filled up at this time, a waiting list will be started for additional interested SAHC members in the event of a cancellation.

 Four days of hiking in a photogenic sandstone hikers paradise. Hikes offered will be several B and C hikes and one A hike.  Car camping in group campsite, reservations required.  September 27 - Oct. 2, 2015

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Cottonwood Mountain – Klondyke Overnight – March 28-30

On March 28-30, there will be a 2-night trip to Klondyke for hiking in the Santa Teresa/Araviapa area. This message is being sent to you because there is need for advance planning/reservations.  

The plan is to drive to Klondyke on the 28th, stay at the Horsehead Lodge that night, do a full-day hike on the 29th, stay overnight again, do some shorter hikes on the 30th and drive back to Tucson later that day.

Advanced planning is needed because there is a limit on the number of hikers the lodge can accommodate, so we need hikers to sign up in advance to reserve the lodge.  Advance planning is also needed to assure that we have a sufficient number of 4WD vehicles.  And, we need to plan for preparing meals at the lodge, sharing the cost of the lodge, and for the specific hikes we’ll do.  

Cottonwood Mountain (an Emblem Peak) in the Santa Teresa Mountains is planned for the 29th.  But if other guides are present and wish to do different hikes on the 29th, alternate hikes can be done.  One or more shorter hikes are planned for the 30th (Quartz Mtn and/or Battleship Mtn), but again, if other guides are present and wish to do different hikes, that can be done, too.

If you are interested in coming on this trip, please contact the guide to reserve a spot:  Barry Weiss, via e-mail at or by phone at 520-615-1121 or 520-955-2453.  Additional information is posted on the “current hikes” link on the SAHC website.