Southern Arizona Hiking Club

Hiking the Mountains, Canyons & Trails of Southern Arizona for Over 60 Years

Temporary Visitor Hiking

Hello –

Thanks for asking about the Southern Arizona Hiking Club. The SAHC has a temporary membership program, which is outlined here.

 A one-month Temporary Membership is available for out-of-town visitors or others who wish to hike with the Southern Arizona Hiking Club for a limited time. Temporary Membership dues are $10.00, payable online only through the online application. Temporary Membership will apply to one primary and one additional member only. The Temporary Member will be issued a member number, and will receive a digital copy of one Bulletin, which will be emailed to the Temporary Member and which will cover their visit to Tucson. An additional copy of The Bulletin may be sent at the discretion of the Club or when specific circumstances warrant

 A Temporary Membership gives a visitor one or two electronic bulletins to cover up to a one month visit to southern Arizona.  Each electronic bulletin will have 75 to 100 hikes (sometimes more!) led by experienced guides.  These hikes will be in a variety of terrains and locations throughout southern Arizona.  The Southern Arizona Hiking Club also offers members who are enthusiastic about hiking and will compliment a person’s visit to outdoor friendly Arizona.

 If you are interested, simply click the link to get to the online application: SAHC Online Membership Application.