Southern Arizona Hiking Club

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Website Upgrade

SAHC is upgrading the club website due to go online in January 2015 to add new functionality for SAHC members and guides.

The new website will use e-mail addresses as user names. If your e-mail address appears in the member directory, your login has already been set up. If your e-mail address does not appear in the directory, please submit this form.

The new website includes searchable databases for scheduled hikes, and the member directory. The process for guides to post hikes will be simplified, as will the approval process. All approved hikes will appear in a single database. Guides will still be asked to submit hikes before the Bulletin deadline if possible. Hikes submitted by the deadline will appear in the printed Bulletin. 

Please contact the Website Info Coordinator Bev Larson at or 520-505-9867 for questions concerning the new website.

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