Public Invited To The Program

3rd Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 pm-- This meeting will be on Tuesday, May 21st
at the Tucson Osteopathic Medical Foundation (TOMF) conference center, 3182 N. Swan Road

A program entitled "Hacienda de la Canoa: Legacy of a Historic Southern Arizona Ranch" will be presented by Simon Herbert, architectural preservationist with Pima County and will cover the history, rehabilitation process. He will share some insights on what was once one of the Southern Arizona’s largest ranches, now open to the public. .

Canoa Ranch began as a 17,000-acre Spanish land grant in 1821. Later owners expanded the ranch, and by the 1950s it encompassed more than 340,000 acres. Under threat of development, Pima County acquired 4,800 acres of the ranch in 2001, and began repairing the buildings and grounds. Each year, Anza’s 1775 expedition to San Francisco is commemorated by re-enactors on horseback. They ride a portion of the publically-accessible Anza Trail which runs south to north on the Canoa land.

Additional information on the ranch is available at, or by clicking here.

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